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An Update from NESA and Your Donations

Update as of July 1, 2023

NESA has relocated from the Northgate building likely until the Spring of 2024 as the facility undergoes some infrastructural renovations. As NESA navigates through these new and uncertain times, not only will this recreation community experience changes to its programming, operations and schedules, it is expected that it will be incurring some additional costs due to the required relocation expenses. If you are interested and able to provide NESA a donation at this time, we kindly ask you to consider donating to either the Sustainability Fund or the General Donation Fund so that we can utilize your donation in the area(s) needed most during this temporary relocation transition. Thank you for your ongoing support!  

What does my donation do?

The North Edmonton Seniors Association strives to create fun, meaningful, and quality experiences for all of its members and friends within the community. It has been through the generous and kind donations from community partners and individual donors that our organization is able to grow and thrive like it has for over 40 years. Within our organization we have created several fundraising initiatives targeted at helping individuals and our senior community get connected to the quality resources, supports, and programs they are aspire to have. To ensure NESA can continue to excel at being a leader in senior recreation and be a permanent and reliable provider for both recreation and community supports, all monetary contributions will help with achieving this goal.

Registered Canadian Charitable Status

The North Edmonton Seniors Association is registered under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta and has registered charity status with Revenue Canada (Registration #119060317RR0001).

Whether you would like to donate your funds to wherever the greatest need has been identified or you would like to see them directed to a very specific cause, we have several choices for you to make an impact.

Click on one of the links below to learn more about where you can make a donation to!