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Spring 2024 Program Guide and Registration Details

The NESA Spring 2024 Program Guide is now available - click here to view it! Want to register? Visit us online or in-person at the McClure United Church and get signed up today!

Call to Food Service Vendors from NESA and the Northgate Lions Recreation Centre

The North Edmonton Seniors Association is currently looking for a cafe operator at the Northgate Lions Recreation Centre. Please click here to view the proposal and learn more about the opportunity.

Northgate Lions Seniors Recreation Centre Rehabilitation Project Update

Curious to know more about how the Northgate project is coming along? Click here for more information and a project overview. NESA has not been provided any dates about when its return to this building will be but as soon as this information is confirmed we will update our community. For the interim, NESA remains committed to providing its membership with a wide range of programming based out of its four temporary venues. Check out the details below for more information!

NESA's Temporary Office and Hours of Operation Information

Click here to learn more about NESA's temporary office relocation and for more information about its current hours of operation. 

Our Mission

To provide a friendly environment offering physically and mentally rewarding activities and services which promote wellness, independence and community involvement. 

The North Edmonton Seniors Association (NESA) is an independent, non-profit society providing recreational, social, educational, wellness programs and services to seniors. It is the largest Senior’s Organization in Edmonton, located in the Northgate Lions Recreation Centre, and delivers the city’s most comprehensive selection of older adult social and recreational programs. Get Involved today!