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Outreach and Home Supports

July 2023: Outreach and Home Supports Update

In 2022, at the request of the Family and Community Support Services Program run by the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council convened a group of around 26 senior serving organizations to discuss how we could provide outreach services in a more coordinated fashion, including Home Support Services. A number of changes to these services have been implemented and the support model and their locations for service delivery has recently changed. 

Please note that effective July 1, 2023 NESA is no longer offering either of these services, please refer to the below contact information to access them:

If you are in need of Home Supports services, please call 780-454-1194 to request assistance. 

If you know of a senior that may need Outreach Support or assistance, please contact 211 for referrals to an agency.

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